The best Photobooth in London.

Designed and operated by professional photographers.

From a corporate event, to a party, to a wedding our booths are a great addition and will amuse and entertaing your guests or customers.

We have custom built our booths from the ground up to provide the best experience for our customers.

- Great photos

- Perfect lighting

- State of the Art booth

- Touchscreen

- Bespoke prints

- Fun staff to make the experience great

Unlimited Visits

Unlimited Visits

For the duration of the hire your guests can visit the booth as many times as they wish & we will continue printing photos as long as we are there.



If you are a company that wishes a custom skin we can arange this very simply through our specialist printers

Green Screen

Green Screen

Green screen allows you to place guests against a bespoke background – ideal for corporate events

Online Gallery

Online Gallery

After the event all photobooth photos will be added to an online gallery free of charge for guests to download them.



As an option we will provide double prints and a guestbook into which guests can write a message next to the photobooth photo

Bespoke Prints

Bespoke Prints

We will customise the prints with a logo or message making them unique to your event



We use state of the art commercial touchscreens in our booths.

They are simple to use and able to withstand that tipsy guest with heavy fingers!

Prop Box

Prop Box

No photobooth is complete without a prop box.

We provide a wide selection of wigs, hats, scarfs and other items for dressing up.

Social Buzz

Social Buzz

We provide you the option to immediately add photos to Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail them to yourselves

Video Messaging

Video Messaging

With our booth you can record short video clips.

Quality Cameras

Quality Cameras

We don’t use webcams for our booths, only high quality dSLR cameras for great photographs

Lab Quality Photos

Lab Quality Photos

We use the same type of printers you would find in photo kiosks in the likes of Boots, or photographic shops ensuring the best quality prints possible.

Unlimited Visits

That's right - we don't restrict the number of guests who can use the booth, and we positively encourage them to re-visit the booth for more photobooth photos.

All we ask is for a bit of common sense. People within the queue have priority over those people who are after multiple turns in the booth.

The typical rental period is 3 or 4 hours so we may end up printing 100s of photos.

Free Prop Box

The photobooth experience just isn't complete without a bit of dressing up.

Even the most staid person puts a smile on their face when they have a daft hat, wig and feather boa on!

We have it all from subtle, to daft, to crazy - there is something for everyone in the prop box.

Online Galleries

After the event we will place the photos into TWO galleries.

Firstly we will place them on our Facebook Page (or yours if required). This allows guests to simply TAG themselves or download the images.

Secondly we will upload all images to a gallery on our website. This hosts high resolution images which will be available for download (including bulk download option). This gallery can be password protected if required.

Quality Camera

Unlike many photobooth operators we are professional photographers.

As such we care massively about the photographic quality of the photos.

We only use quality dSLR cameras in our booths - certainly not webcams that some operators use.

Check out our other photography company at Ignite Images

Double Prints & Guest Book

This is a highly popular option at weddings and private parties.

We will set up the photobooth to print out TWO copies of each photograph - one for the guest, one for the host.

The copy will be placed in a high quality leather bound journal which allows space for a guest message.

This can be a great memento of a party, or wedding.

Bespoke Prints

The prints won't simply have photos on them.

We will add a stylish message on them - such as "Sarah's Birthday - 15th October 2013".

If this is a corporate booking we can add a logo to the print along with any message you require.

Video Messaging

When a photo isn't enough.

We can set up the photobooth to record short video clips with audio - ideal if you wish to pass on a message to the host.

Just remember what appears to be coherent when you are drunk may not be in the cold light of day!

Social Buzz

The immediacy of social media is compelling.

By linking up an iPad (on a stand outside the photobooth) guests can immediately tag themselves in a photo (for Facebook), Tweet the photo, or e-mail it to themselves.

We can configure this in various ways such as adding a branded overlay, ensuring a hashtag is on a tweet, branding an e-mail etc.

This can be very important for corporate events where we can set up multiple iPads.

This service is subject to either a good wi-fi connection in the venue, or a suitable mobile signal for a mobile hotspot to work.


For corporate events the branding of a booth can be highly important.

We are able to offer TWO options when it comes to the photobooth branding.

The first option is a Half Skin - this is where we will simply have one panel branded with the others being black. This enables the branding of a booth to be with most budgets.

The second option is to have a Full Skin which is where all panels are branded.

We will provide you with artwork guidlines for the skin, or if you wish us to do the design work we can do this.

Green Screen

Green screen allows your guests to be be superimposed onto a digital backdrop.

So, if you want your guests be be standing against a New York backdround, or on the top Everest you can.

Some backdrops we have as stock items, others we may need to design, or purchase on your behalf.

Lab Quality Prints

As professional photographers we don't compromise quality.

State of the art photo printers are used in our booths. These are the same as you would find in the photo kiosks in the likes of Boots.

Prints are dry to the touch as soon as they come out of the booth and they take approx 10 seconds to be printed.


The use of a touch commercial touchscreen plus simple to use software makes the photobooth very simple to use.

The touchscreen also acts as a liveview monitor so that guests can see themselves prior to the photos being taken.

Enquire about availability

Please get in touch to see if we can attend your event.

Include the date, location, venue, timings and nature of the event.