We have put together this guide which will hopefully answer your questions regarding the hire of our photobooths.

Please use the contact form should you have any other questions which aren't answered here.

Will I get copies of all images after the event?

Yes of course?

In our online gallery there is a ‘bulk download’ feature to enable you download all images.

If you have a slow internet connection we will be able to supply the images on a DVD.

Will you place a gallery on Facebook?

Yes we will.

We can either post the images to our Facebook Page, or if it is a corporate booking and want us to upload them to your own page we can do that.

Haveing the Facebook feature allows people to tag themselves, or download their images quite simply.

What is the size of the prints?

They are 6 inches by 4 inches.

What is the quality of the prints?

We use state of the art photographic printers. These are similar to those found in photo kiosks in the likes of Boots.

Photos take less than 10 seconds to be printed and are dry to the touch as soon as they are printed.

We supply the images in a bespoke card folder.

Are prints really unlimited?

Within reason yes.

We actively encourage as many people to visit the booth as possible – after all this is why you have hired us.

People can visit the booth as many times as they want to.

All we ask is for a little common sense. If everyone wanted a dozen prints this would actually restrict the number of people able to use the booth as the printer would be clogged up.

Can the prints be personalised?

Yes, we can place a message on the prints.

For corporate bookings we can also add a logo to the prints.

How does the iPad option work?

This is situated outside the booth on a stand (so that as many people can use the booth as possible).

The iPad monitors photos that are taken and people can select their photo and upload it to Facebook, Tweet it, or email it to themselves.

For corporate bookings we can upload these photos instead to the company Facebook Page.

Obviously this service is dependant upon a suitable wi-fi connection and we ask that you make arrangements with the venue that you have access to it.

We find that wi-fi is both faster and more reliable than relying on a mobile hotspot, although if this is the only option that is what we will use.

What is the guestbook option?

For every photo taken 2 prints will be produced.

The guest will keep one copy, and the other will be stuck into a guestbook where a message can also be written.

We use really high quality guestbooks which are leather bound, hence the charge for these.

How long does it take to set up the booth?

Typically an hour, and an hour, or less, to dismantle the booth.

How much space is required for the booth?

We suggest a space of 2m x 3m.

This allows for the footprint of the photobooth and for people congregating around it.

We will need to be approx 2- 3 metres of a power socket.

If this is to be set up in a marquee then there must be a suitable level and firm base.

Do I need to inform the venue that I have booked a photobooth?

Yes, this is essential.

Most venues will have had booths in their premises before and will know what is involved.

If you have any queries in this regard please ask the venue to contact us.

What is idle time?

This is time either before or after the agreed hire hours that we are not able to work.

This obviously doesn’t include our set up or dismantle time.

Idle time is charged at £50 per hour.

Are children allowed into the booth?

Yes of course they are.

We aren’t a creche however and would ask that children, especially young ones, are looked after by a parent, or carer.

Is the booth manned?

Yes, but this is primarily just to ensure things run smoothly.

The booth is simple to use and uses a touchscreen so there shouldn’t be a need for the operator to do anything other than provide guidance if needed.

When is payment needed for the booth booking?

We ask for a £200 advance payment at the time of booking with the balance to be paid 30 days prior to the event.

Can the booth be branded for a corporate booking?

Yes it can.

We can either do a ‘partial skin’ where just one panel is bespoke to you, or a ‘full skin’ where all panels are printed.

Contact us if you want us to price this for you.

Do you charge for travelling (time or distance)?

There is no charge if the distance is 65 miles or less.

Above this travel is charged at 30p per mile.